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The Potential of Bag in Box Packages: From Juice to Dairy!

Bag in Box packaging for various liquids
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Bag in Box packages provide exceptional solutions for various liquid products. Let’s explore common sectors where these packages widely applicable:
Fruit & Vegetable Juice: Bag in Box packages are invaluable for storing natural fruit and vegetable juice, concentrates, purees and nectar. The innovative tap of the bag does not let the air inside, enhances product longevity and this way keeps the product fresh for 1+ year – all without the use of preservatives.
Dairy: They are the perfect fit for milk, condensed milk, cream for confectionery products, and even soft ice cream and milkshake mixtures. These packages maintain product integrity, extend shelf life, and eliminate the need for preservatives.
Oils and Fats: In the oils and fats sector, Bag in Box packages find their place as an efficient packaging solution for vegetable oils and fat components. Their design ensures product freshness, simplifies storage, and aids transportation.
Egg: Bag in Box packages are a handy solution for storing liquid egg products such as whites, yolks, and mélange. These packages extend product shelf life and enable convenient transportation.
Broth & Sauces: Bag in Box packages also shine in the realm of culinary essentials. Broths and sauces benefit from the secure packaging, maintaining their rich flavors and nutritional value. This packaging solution extends their shelf life and ensures easy storage and transportation.
Wine: The wine industry has embraced Bag in Box packages alongside outer cardboard boxes. These packages are a game-changer, allowing wines to be stored for up to 8 weeks after opening. They offer cost-effective storage, ease of transportation, and suitability for wine mixes.
Other Spirits: Bag in Box packages have expanded into the realm of spirits such as cider, vodka, and even alcoholic cocktails. This packaging solution maintains their quality and flavor. The airtight design ensures a longer shelf life.
Soap & Cleansing Liquids: Bag in Box packages have ventured into the world of hygiene chemicals. They provide a convenient packaging option for liquid soaps and cleansing products. These packages keep products hygienic, easy to dispense, and maintain their effectiveness.
Drinking Water: Beyond consumables, Bag in Box packages are a go-to for various types of drinking water, including mineral, artesian, and specially formulated waters. They safeguard water’s unique properties and micronutrients, ensuring that purity is preserved.
The adaptability of Bag in Box packages across these sectors underscores their versatility.

& more: The possibilities with Bag in Box packages are even wider than imagined. For tailored solutions to your liquid packaging needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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