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Effortlessly Bag in Box & Stand up Pouch filling

Learn quickly how to effortlessly fill Bag in Box & Stand up Pouch packages with your liquids!
Ideal for a wide range of customers, from corporate businesses to home users.
Whether you have specialized equipment or not, look at a variety of filling method choices:
Manual Filling: even without any machinery, you can fill packages manually.
Semi-Automatic Filling: simply insert the bag or pouch and pull the handle. After filling, return the handle to the start position and cap the bag.
Capacity: 250 pieces of 3 L bags per hour.
Automatic Filling: insert the package and press the START button. The machine handles the rest – removing the tap, vacuuming the bag, filling it with liquid, and sealing it. Full filling process for a 3 L bag takes approximately 7 seconds.
Capacity: 300 pieces of 3 L bags per hour.
Fully Automatic Filling: Insert the first bag, and the machine takes care of the rest – cap removal, liquid filling, and recapping. It then releases the filled bag and proceeds to the next.
Ideal for high-capacity production needs.
Capacity: Approximately 2000 L per hour.
ProFruit’s packaging solutions are designed for maximum efficiency. From manual to fully automatic options, we’ve got the right fit for your packaging needs.
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