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Bag in Box 3 L bag (50)

€1.80 + VAT

Bag in Box bags are a convenient and secure way to contain various liquids (juice, milk, wine, oil, soap, etc).

Due to a special TAP technology, the liquids stay fresh & ready to use up to 1+ year (depending on the product).

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Bag in Box packaging consists of a high-barrier polyethylene bag which should be put inside a rigid outer shell (cardboard box, drum, etc.). Bag in Box 3 L bag is made from high-barrier polyethylene film. The bags are filled in through the spout and are closed with a tap.

  • Stores 3 L of liquid
  • Suitable for hot & cold filling
  • Maximum filling temperature 90 °C (194 °F)
  • Bag is transparent
  • Has a T-tap.

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Bag in Box packaging

Bag in Box packaging is a set of packaging consisting of high-barrier polyethylene package and a rigid outer shell (cardboard box, drum, case etc.).

A special Tap technology prevents the air from entering the package and this way preserves the product qualities and prolongs the shelf life.

To ensure the highest security, the bag should be inserted into a cardboard box to protect the bag from sun and outside impacts.

Bag in Box packaging is perfect to conveniently contain various liquids: juice, wine, milk, oil, egg melange, soap, etc.


Bag in Box packaging is superior than other packaging for liquids


5 L bag uses 48 % less plastic than common plastic bottles, 20 L bag uses 87 % less plastic.

Long consumption time

Due to a tap technology, an opened bag with juice can be consumed for several weeks.

Lower carbon footprint

Throughout its life cycle, the packaging leaves a lower carbon footprint than plastic or glass bottles.

Shelf life up to +1 year

Liquid products (juice, wine, oil, etc.) have a long shelf life without using any preservatives.


Convenient storage and transportation due to the rigid packaging.

Easy to use

To pour the liquid, you only need to lift up the tap valve. The Tap is self-closing.


The packaging is lightweight compared with glass or plastic bottles.


Due to a flexible packaging tecnology, a full Bag in Box set does not break like glass.

For what products is Bag in Box used?

Bag in Box packaging is perfect for containing various liquid products

Juice & wine industry

bag in box & stand up pouch online shop

Bag in Box packages are popular to use for containing various juices, purees, concentrates, still ciders and wines.

Milk, egg, oil, broth & sauce

Bag in Box packaging

Bag in Box packaging is suitable for containing milk products, egg melange, oils, broth and various sauces.

Non-food industry

Production of taps for Bag in Box bags

Packages are also used for containing various hygienic & industrial products: liquid soap, engine oil, AdBlue, etc.

Numbers about us

Products sold worldwide

With our commitment to the highest quality, we have already sold 20+ million products worldwide.

Years of Experience

Leveraging our decade-long expertise in Bag in Box & Stand up Pouch packaging, we offer top-quality products at competitive prices.

Package usage

Bag in Box packages can be filled manually or automatically by using a Bag in Box filling machine. Here is the video on how to fill a Bag in Box bag with the machine.

After the filling, the bag must be put into a carton box and stored in a dry, cool place (up to 20 °C or 33.8 °F) without direct sunlight.

Besides packaging, we also offer Semi-automatic and Fully automatic Bag in Box filling machines.

If you are interested in Bag in Box filler, contact us and we will offer the best machinery solution according to your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most popular questions. If your question is not here, please send us an email and we will be happy to help.

How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping is free to all countries.

Are packages suitable for hot filling?

Yes, all of our packages are suitable for both hot & cold filling. Maximum filling temperature is 90 °C (194 °F).

How long does the shipping take?

Usually, it depends on the country you are in. However, the standard shipping takes around 5-10 working days.

Is the package really suitable to my product?

Bag in Box packaging can safely hold almost all liquid products. However, if your product has a harsh structure or you just have doubts, please contact us and we will provide you a consultation.

Is your packaging certified?

Yes, all of our packaging is certified and comply with the highest ISO and BRC EU standards. For your convenience, we can send you an official certification document.

Do you offer filling machinery for packages?

Yes, we do. We can offer filling machinery which can fill to both Bag in Box and Super pouch packaging. Contact us and we will provide you with an offer.